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Hi there!

We probably don’t know each other, my name is Margarett. Yes, I have 2 t’s in my name and no “e” at the end. I had an arranged marriage and am in the MOB. Did that get your attention? Let me fill in the details for you! My husband, Kris, and I met through our parents 13 years ago, but they didn’t force us to get married. We made that decision on our own. I am a proud member of the Mother of Boys Club. We have three adorable boys, Eli, Nolan and Griffin! Now that you know I'm not actually connected to THE mob (who would openly admit that online anyway?!), I'd love to tell you about my journey to becoming a photographer.

Taking photos started out as a hobby while traveling through Asia in 2014. We lived in Japan for three and a half years. I traveled so much, I had to add pages to my passport.

My hobby turned into a passion which lead to officially starting my photography business when we moved to North Carolina in 2017. It seemed like a coincidence that the week I launched my business, my friend Savannah was looking for a new real estate photographer. All of my training was in photographing places and people, which I wanted to continue. I knew little about photographing houses, but I was willing to learn and I wanted to support her business needs. Within a few months, I was shooting houses for five realtors in coastal North Carolina, while also photographing families up until our move to Colorado Springs in 2019. 

Moving, covid, babies, and a pesky breast cancer diagnosis put my photography business on hold for 2020 and most of 2021. In September of 2021, I flew to Salt Lake City, Utah to attend a photography workshop to brush up on my skills and see if photography was still my passion. Since you’re here, I’m sure you’ve figured out that I still LOVE taking pictures. I love meeting new people, hearing their stories, telling their stories, bringing their vision to life and delivering stunning images that will be used, treasured, and passed down to future generations. 


"A professional with a lot of expertise and warmth, she is an amazing photographer and great person to work with. She shot different aspects of my business and I was very impressed. She takes the time out to get to know you, allowing her to completely understand what you are looking for in your photos."

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