My Why...

My world changed forever on July 7th, 2020 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Once I established a treatment plan, the next thing I did was find a local photographer. I wanted pictures with my family before treatment, before I lost my hair, and before I looked sick from chemo. I didn't just want the photos for myself, I wanted to have them for my kids so that they could look back and see me happy, joyful, and having fun with them. Cancer had already entered our lives, but it hadn't completely taken over yet.

I am currently in remission and while my cancer journey is ongoing, I hit the point in my treatment where you're expected and encouraged to get back to living. My world revolved around kids and cancer for two years. What now? How do I pick up the pieces? Do I have anything to offer? Should I pick up my camera again? Would it bring me joy? In the fall of 2021, I flew to Utah to attend a photography workshop and answer these exact questions.

One thing remains the same: my passion for photography. I started this business because I love the creativity, beauty and art of photography. But today, my why goes much deeper. I love meeting people, supporting the marketing needs of businesses, telling their stories through pictures, and capturing and preserving moments that will be cherished for years and handed down to future generations. This is what gets me out of bed in the morning and keeps me inspired on the hardest days!